What’s in a Name

If you’re a writer or a creator of any kind, you are probably familiar with this process:

  1. You think of some plot or character that you like.
  2. You write it, feeling enthusiastic.
  3. You read it to yourself and still feel enthusiastic.
  4. You decide to have other people read it, and you still feel pretty good about it.
  5. Other people read it and comment or ask questions.
  6. You question everything you knew about what you created.

I am currently questioning my title, Frequency Array. What does it mean? A frequency is a…thing, I think of a wave or a sound. In actuality, it refers to the Frequencies that Ben uses to control his metals. An array is series or set of things. Does it work for the story? Eh, yeah, kind of. There are frequencies in the story. They are essentially the magic system, but it is sort of a low level detail that isn’t so relevant to the actual high level telling of the story. Or maybe it is. Mmm, no.

My other title ideas are Child of Invention, Children of Invention, and Havoc.

Isn’t it strange that we name children when they are first born? I feel like you can’t know someone well enough to name them when they are first starting out. Or maybe the name shapes the person?

I like Children of Invention best.


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