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EZ-Flats Operator’s Guide
Operator’s Guide

This operator’s guide outlines the process for completing a mailing on the EZ-Flats Premium and EZ-Flats Essential. In this document, I’m most proud of the sections about Dynamic Sort, as it is a complicated process to grasp. I use graphics and diagrams to help the reader understand the process.

EZ-Letters Preventative Maintenance Manual
EZ-Letters USPS Outbound Preventative Maintenance Manual

This preventative maintenance manual outlines the steps for keeping the EZ-Letters product in working order. I’m especially proud of the belt adjustment section starting on page 32, which was another really complicated process that I was able to explain using graphics and simple steps.

EZ-Flats Statement of Work
EZ-Flats Premium Statement of Work

The Statement of Work is a good example of how I used my experience and knowledge of the product to create a summary of its elements.

The Champ Guide
Pages from The Champ Guide

The Champ Guide shows the software and mechanical operation of the Champ.