Haikus For Grandma

Grandma’s hands tend
Deep roots, new blooms, wild ivy
Birds chirp, witness life

The gold smell of pie
Warm chatter of family
Quiets when you leave

Your breath becomes wings
Rising, floating from spent lips
That spoke love to us

We gather with love
A bouquet of our smiles
Raindrops on petals



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Content Specialist

Most of what I do is online. I currently contribute to two websites by editing and maintaining content.

  • IntegralGIS     I’ve worked for Integral for about three years now. My main responsibilities are keeping the website updated and creating and/or editing whatever writing content is needed. I’ve written two scripts for marketing videos and helped produce two Product Books with their design team.
  • Quantum Martial Arts     I’ve worked with Quantum for about two years. All of my work for them is volunteer work. As a board member, I’ve developed their marketing materials, revamped their website, and helped them plan marketing campaigns. Through Quantum, I’ve learned more about web accessibility, including SEO, and grant writing. In May 2018 we won a grant from the Small Sparks Community Partnership Fund.



Technical Writing Samples

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EZ-Flats Operator’s Guide
Operator’s Guide

This operator’s guide outlines the process for completing a mailing on the EZ-Flats Premium and EZ-Flats Essential. In this document, I’m most proud of the sections about Dynamic Sort, as it is a complicated process to grasp. I use graphics and diagrams to help the reader understand the process.

EZ-Letters Preventative Maintenance Manual
EZ-Letters USPS Outbound Preventative Maintenance Manual

This preventative maintenance manual outlines the steps for keeping the EZ-Letters product in working order. I’m especially proud of the belt adjustment section starting on page 32, which was another really complicated process that I was able to explain using graphics and simple steps.

EZ-Flats Statement of Work
EZ-Flats Premium Statement of Work

The Statement of Work is a good example of how I used my experience and knowledge of the product to create a summary of its elements.

The Champ Guide
Pages from The Champ Guide

The Champ Guide shows the software and mechanical operation of the Champ.

Graphic Design Samples

Resume           About            Graphic Design              Tech Writing             Web Design


EII Meeting Etiquette Poster
Poster – EII Meeting Etiquette

In this sample, I was able to present something informative in a fun way. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the poster. One of my favorite things about Illustrator is the Layers capability, which allows me to keep all of my documents very organized even if they have a lot of texts or graphic elements on them. This eye catching poster went up in all the meeting rooms to help people stay on task during meetings.

EII Rate Flyer
BPMFlats, 2013, web

I created this flyer sample using Adobe Illustrator. My favorite part of this flyer is the way the information is presented, specifically the callouts on the sortation label on the second page.

Cupcake Flyer

This flyer demonstrates more of my artistic ability. I created this flyer for fun when I was learning more about Adobe Illustrator.