Dance Partner

I like being on this rooftop
even if my dance partner is a bucket and mop
and all the dancers have gone
back to their palaces with moon-glittered ponds

I’ll name the mop Henry or James,
or some other strong name
and we’ll swirl across the marble floor
polish it until it reflects stars

The band is in the breeze
playing the veranda flowers and potted trees,
crescendos with every dip and twirl
and softens with every slow swirl

The empty chairs and crumb-covered plates
will stand and applaud the fates
because a girl who mops the floor
would never expect such an open door

I stop and look around me
the roof is dark
and the sky is rain heavy

Lanterns blush spots of glass
with fire spark
The first drops of rain come fast

Mop and bucket in hand
I walk to the edge
and wonder how they’ll land

When I throw the bucket and mop
into the perfectly trimmed hedge
far below the marble ledge


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