Fall Color and Inspiration

I love fall colors. Blues look more stark against the warm, earthy colors of everything else.

Fall Inspiration

Sometimes I like to write haikus before I write a longer poem. It helps me find the words I want to use in a more structured form. Haikus are also really good for finding short phrases and great for finding imagery. If you are having trouble writing a poem, whether for school or for fun, try writing a haiku. Just remember the syllable counts: 5,7,5.


3 Fall Haikus


Without warm mittens
Dead leaves in grandmother’s hands
crinkle like paper


Hard work in autumn
the sweet scent of burning leaves
blue smoke billows up

The birds will fly south
beating their wings against air
and land on palm trees


Snow Birds


Where do the birds land
when granny’s hands
pick up the dead leaves
stuffed under the eaves

like Easter eggs hidden
in the overgrown garden
the nooks and crannies
perfect for clever grannies

Where does the goose go
when sweet scents billow
from leafy mountains
and fiery fountains

They beat their wings
against the cold things
fighting the air
to escape winter’s lair


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