A Day in the Life of a New Seattle City Dweller

I do all the same things I did when I lived in West Lafayette. Well…same but different. For instance: On Wednesday, it dawned a bright and beautiful day. I woke up at six in the morning, which is a lot earlier than I did in Indiana (thanks Pacific Time Zone), but I woke up like I usually do, had a snack, and then got to work.

I forgot to mention, I had to take the dog up to the dog park on the roof. It’s a nice view in the morning, all purple in the west and glowy in the east.

Chris woke up at 7 and made breakfast before he had to start work too. He made a delicious meal of Spring Benedict.

At our lunch hour, we went down to the gym and worked out a bit. I only do about 15 minutes most days, sometimes 30 minutes depending on how I feel. Then it’s back upstairs for a quick shower and lunch. But lunch on Wednesday was something new.


We went to a place across the street from our apartment complex called Local Pho. Pho is a type of Vietnamese soup. It consists of a delicious broth and raw, or slightly blanched vegetables. You mix the broth and the vegetables, and the hot broth continues to cook the vegetables while you eat. It’s sort of spicy and very savory, even though we got the vegetarian version.

And guess where we ate it…


So I guess my daily habits are a bit different here, but not really. After work we had to go run some errands, and it was the usual thing. We went to the organic pet store to buy the dog some organic food. It was really not much more expensive than the stuff we bought in Indiana, since we had to buy her expensive food there because of her allergies to corn.

After that we went to a local bar called the Belltown Pub to meet a group of people we discovered online. They meet every Wednesday to play board games. Chris and I learned how to play The Settlers of Catan. It was a lot of fun!

And thus ended our day in Seattle. It’s not much different from previous days, but it is a little.