10/10/11 The Journey of the Laeta (Part 2)

You do not realize how tired you can get until you drive 16 hours and then spend three hours on a boat in the sun. I attribute most of my exhaustion to the actual boating part. I managed to get a decent sleep in the van.

On a boat, you are constantly moving. Even if you are just steering, or just stowing items below deck, your muscles are constantly engaged to keep your balance. And then there’s the fresh air and the sun, which always brings out a ravenous appetite and sheer exhaustion.

So after we ate at Archies, we returned to the boat and went to sleep. Jerry slept in the van because we couldn’t get the table to convert to a berth.

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10/4/11 The Journey of the Laeta

October 4th, 2011
West Lafayette, IN

We’ve been nursing an idea since September 28, only six days ago, and three days ago it became full blown cruise planning. We are going to motor the Laeta about 640 nautical miles (that’s about 737 miles) from Lake Champlain in Vermont to Toledo, Ohio.

Champlain to Toledo

Our Route (Map courtesy of Mr. Hartman, crew member)

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